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The Raven


The Raven

"The Raven" is not your standard "poet turned detective" type of movie; if there was such a type before. The character of Poe does not possess any special inhuman skills for solving crimes of any sort, all he possesses is the knowledge of his own poems. The story cooperates crime, horrible deaths, and romance into the fictional final week of Edgar Allen Poe's life as an obsessed killer takes to his poems as a model of murdering people and leads Edgar on a chase jumping from one poem of Poe's to the next, leaving clues on each of the dead bodies left behind implying where he is going next. If you go to the movies expecting a romantic movie, I would not recommend watching this, as the physical romance is short-lived. If you want to see a movie with crime, action, mystery, and adventure all in one that keeps you on the tip of your seat the whole time, this is the movie for you! I would highly recommend watching the movie. But make sure not to take little children; the blood and gore is amazingly detailed.

  • Elizabeth Barkhudaryan

           Highlands High School