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Raging with action, drama, and crime a group of friends set up a well thought out heist. When the heist goes terribly wrong friends betray each other and one gets greedy with the diamonds and shoots his partner, Sonny, and takes off leaving him for dead. Sonny makes it out alive and seeks revenge on his X-partner by getting involved with a very powerful MOB member to take back what was rightfully his. With a lot ridding on the line and revenge on minds Sonny develops a master plan when sent on a mission from the Mob boss to get some money. The body guard that was sent along with him had a great accident and gives Sonny a brilliant idea. Family members died and people sold out things start to get intense.

     I loved this movie is one of the best movies I would have to say I have seen in a while. This movie kept me wondering and guessing the whole time I was watching it. The major turn of events blew my mind. Aside from the action in the movie is had some very intense moments that would make people tear up. Families lost and friend ships torn apart are very common these days so many people can relate to the drama in the movie. With out a doubt this movie is 5 stars and the must see movie on Blu-Ray.

By: Laresha Wehe