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Footloose 2011


On Tuesday, September 20th, Paramount invited me to a free screening of Footloose.

     Footloose is a great movie! I recommend you watch this film. The actors were really into their characters and they were completely humorous. The film was so funny that it made all of the “critics” in the audience laugh to the point that we did some clapping to show how funny it was.

     I liked the dancing that was performed by everyone in the movie. People learned (can learn/will learn) to strive for what they want; no matter what they have to go through. For example, Ren was really attracted to Ariel, but she gave herself a bad image. Ren was holding back his feelings for her, trying to get to know her better, and when it finally got that kiss, it was like fireworks. Ariel had been waiting for that kiss to happen as well and they both wished it was sooner.

All of you should watch this film.

“What do you do when a tissue can’t dance?” “You blow a boogie in it!”

Review by Daisy.