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Big Mamma's House 3


Big Mamma: Like Father Like Son

by Laresha Wehe

In this comedy, a father, who is and FBI agent, goes on the job and his son, who wants to get signed by an agent and go on a tour, follows him on the job so that his father would sign the consent papers. Well the son gets caught up with the convicts and must go under cover with his dad at an all-girl’s school, in order to find a flash drive that’s hidden on campus, which the bad guys want. Soon, the son falls in love with one of the girls and he, or should I say she, tries and sets her male self up with her. The girl thinks that the guy is not her type so the girl version of his self tries to find out what she likes. Soon the bad guys discover where they are hiding out because the son revaled his cover, but what they don’t know is that he is undercover as a girl. On the night of the talent show the girl finds out who the undercover girl really is, and she reveals him to everyone in the auditorium, completely blowing their cover to the convicts. By blowing the cover of the son, and giving away the location on the flash drive, she endangers everyone at the school.  

This movie was the best one of the Big Mama movies that are out. This movie had the perfect amount of comedy, action, and with splash of drama that blows you away. This movie his hilariously funny, I couldn’t stop laughing. I highly recommend this as the MUST see movie out. 5 stars.