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Perfect the way you are

By Mary Jones

On Saturday, I, just like millions of other teenagers, was on Facebook checking out what people were up to, and I guess you could say, being nosey. That’s what it is, isn’t it, browsing through the home page reading everything that catches your eye and just happens to have nothing to do with you. I came across a post by a girl that wasn’t on my friends list but my friends commented on it so I was able to view it. She posted something cruel that astounded me. It was a joke about overweight people, this joke was taken lightly by many and had many joining in, insulted me. Though I am not over weight it concerned me that people could post such things. So let me ask you this. Have you ever been made fun of? Laughed at? Mocked? So have I and I doubt anyone likes it. No matter how much you say you don’t care about what others say, it is natural for human beings to want to have approval by others.

Bullying takes many types of forms. Not many people take bullying to the point that they physically harm another person, but there is another way you can bully someone that is just as bad. Calling that person fat, yesterday, was a form of bullying. It may have never crossed your mind that words could actually hurt another person. Using your words to harm someone else is a lousy way to treat another person. Many teenagers tend to outgrow this stage of bullying after high school, but sometimes that’s too late.

That boy you called ugly yesterday is going to remember those words for the rest of his life. He is going to have low self esteem and is going to turn to other things to try to make him feel as if he is actually worth something again. It might be something as little as going to the gym every day after school or it might be something more harmful like drugs. When you feel ugly, you look ugly, because you have no confidence in yourself, meaning, a happy person is prettier than a sad one. Though you have forgotten every single harsh word you have used on another person, they haven’t. People, even you, bottle up every flaw others have noticed and will look in the mirror every morning remembering every single word that has made them feel worthless.

Let’s step into your shoes for a moment. Try and remember every harsh put down that was ever said to you or you heard from another person. It’s a lot huh? Many words, calling you ugly, fat, or stupid, saying you have a horrible taste in clothing, making fun of your race or religion, or something as silly as the way you tend to talk. You haven’t forgotten these words no matter what they were, no matter how hard you tried to forget. You try to do everything you can to change this “thing” about you. Losing weight by not eating as much or even not at all, caking on makeup, cutting your hair, spending the last of your money on new clothes, or even stop talking. Sometimes you don’t show up at school because you just want one day of peace. Sometimes it doesn’t go to that extreme, but you understand how it feels. But then you turn around and call out a flaw you see in another person because you are angry or upset.

Bullying another person because you are hurt does not make you feel better, nor the innocent person that doesn’t even know you. Life doesn’t enforce the rule that two wrongs make a right. If you are hurt by the words that were spoken to you, instead of thinking “well since I’m hurt I’ll make someone else feel worthless” maybe you could think “I’m going to make a difference today.” Another person’s actions do not justify yours. Since you can’t fix their actions, fix yours and make someone feel good today. Say something nice to the girl that is about to walk by that has a gorgeous outfit on. There are too many bad thoughts said out loud and not enough good spoken. It doesn’t matter if you feel they might not like your compliment, just say it. If someone you don’t know walks by and says something as simple as “nice hair” you will feel happier and feel better about yourself. Make a difference in your actions and change how you react to things. Take in account that you’re just like everyone else, you’ve been emotionally bullied by others; the only thing that matters is how you handle it. Are you strong enough to overcome others actions and become a better person?

No matter what is said about you; know to me, you are beautiful, you are handsome, and you are amazing. You have talents others don’t. There are things you do that are cute, or funny that others don’t do. Know that to me you are worth the world because of the simple fact, the world could never be this magnificent unless you were here. You are on this world for a purpose and nobody else could fulfill this precious purpose you were set on this earth to do.  If you ever feel like you aren’t worth something go look in the mirror and remember you are perfect the way you are.