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Basic_Vacation Card IconBasic Vacation

With their uplifting lyrics, chanty choruses and smooth bass lines, it was impossible for Basic Vacation to create a bad album. Their debut into the world of emotionally-charged pop music came in the form of a self-titled 5 track EP released after less than a year of the band's existence. The band’s three members- vocalist-guitarist Chris Greatti, bassist Jon Paul, and drummer Mike Montalbano have played in nearly a dozen previous bands between them.

            Each track of the EP is loaded with a welcome optimism, romanticized lyrics and vocal harmonies that are far from basic. The electronic music combined with prominent lead guitar lines are very reminiscent of Imagine Dragons, Foster the People and The Killers. Their youthful ambition and readiness to live in the now is displayed in the featured single, “I Believe.” The song progresses steadily and presents a sense of assurance that is rare in this genre with a charisma that is made for the radio. What's better yet though, is how long the song stays in your mind after you listen to it.

            The world of alternative pop needs to pause and welcome Basic Vacation, because they're sure to make a positive impact. It is hard not to imagine this EP making itself to the top of the charts and onto every radio station. For this appeal, I give it an 8 out of 10, leaving room only for lyrical depth that is beyond their simple optimism.

Tanya Sirotina