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Scotty McCreery Video


     Scotty McCreery, a young American Idol star, is a wonderful artist. In his song, “The Trouble with Girls,” he expresses how females get to him. He explains how they leave him puzzled, yet he stops going back. In the video, you realize just how young he is. In the line, “They steal with ‘Hello.’ They kill you with ‘Goodbye,’” he is talking about how, with one word girls can change his mood. “The trouble with girls is nobody loves trouble as much as me.” He is trying to let the world know that he loves being around them, and how he feels about them. The video, in a way, matches the song. You see him talking with his friends, both female and male, in one scene and then it changes to him in a classroom flirting with his lab partner and not paying attention to what he is doing. The song itself is amazing. The video however could use some changes. For example, towards the end he is at baseball practice and, in my opinion, the video should stay focused on the subject of the song, not him playing sports. Yet, in the end, the video, the song, and Scotty are all pretty wonderful.

Ashley Corker

 9th Grade