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David Guetta


Review by: Tanya Sirotina

David Guetta’s “Nothing but the Beat”

On Sunday night, I decided to listen to David Guetta’s newest CD, Nothing but the Beat. Though this was usually nothing like what I listen to, I was pleasantly surprised. For those of you that don’t know, David Guetta is a DJ who uses other artists to create his own music.

Track 1, “Where Them Girls At”, was as loud, flamboyant and obnoxious as the title suggested. It set a basic mood for the first half of the CD.

Track 2, “Little Bad Girl”, had a nice beat and that may have been why I liked it a bit more than the first track.

The 3rd track was titled “Turn Me On”. It’s a solo by Nikki Minaj. I am not a big fan of her or her music, but I have to say that it was decent.

“Sweat” the 4th track, had an amazing steady beat. It was something that I think would be very fun to dance to.

“Without You” was a song by Usher. It was much lighter and a lot easier to listen to. I liked it because it reminded me of an indie punk-pop ballad.

Track 6, “Nothing Really Matters”, stayed light trough out. It was decent and, I like the previous song, reminded me of the indie music that I love so much.

“I can only Imagine” was a song by Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. Though they really aren’t even close to being my favorite people in the music industry, this may have been my favorite song on the whole CD.

The next track was titled “Crank It Up”. Even though it had a wonderful techno feel, I did not like it!

Track 9, “I Just Wanna F”, reminded me of a video game music at first, but then its attempt at being both dirty and innocent and child-like disturbed me.

Track 10 “Lunar”, was an awesome dance track that gave me a chance to relax from the overload of music that was so unusual to me.

“Night of Your Life,” “Repeat,” and “Titanium” were all sung by females in a very similar manner. They were all pretty nice, with steady rhythm and structure. The lyrics were intriguing.

Overall, this CD was a decent CD. As someone who doesn’t usually listen to this type of music, I was pleasantly surprised.