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Released Oct. 24th

Band: Coldplay

Album: Mylo Xyloto

            Well, what can I say about this album other than, “Coldplay has done it again!” In my opinion this has to be the greatest Coldplay album yet. Every song was beautifully mixed, ranging from a fast upbeat melody, to a slow relaxing song, that has a deep meaning.

            To be honest I was a bit skeptical about this album because there are only a certain amount of songs that I enjoy listening to from Coldplay. But to my amazement this album proved me wrong. I mean, now I can’t stop listening to this album. The cover art was great and really got my attention. The way the graffiti and the meanings of certain songs flow so well with the way Coldplay basically says, “Life is what you want it to be, so think positively and enjoy it.” But, as an amateur music critic, all I have to say is that this album really stood out to me and I recommend it to just about anyone. It’s so beautifully mixed and everything just flows together. I hope to see another Coldplay album that will raise the bar just a little bit higher than it already is.

Hilario Nieves, 16

Junior, Highlands High School