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Elizabeth Amaya, Registration and Student Data Specialist can be reached at:

Telephone: (916) 566-3465 ext. 21861

Fax: (916) 566-7810


Transcripts, records requests, and education verifications can be submitted in person or in writing—either by fax or email—with a current state or government-issued picture identification matching the student’s name on our records.

Complete and attach this Transcript Request Form to your fax or email request. Be sure to include the necessary documents as stated on the form. If your name (or the former student’s name) has changed, provide legal documentation such as a marriage certificate, court document, etc.

Organizations requesting education verification of former students must provide a signed release form showing authorization from the student. Be sure to specify the student’s name as it appears on our records, provide full date of birth, and year of graduation or years of attendance (if student did not graduate from Highlands High School).

Requests will be processed in the order it was received, with priority given to current students and in-person requests.


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All enrollment applications must be submitted online by a parent/guardian on the Twin Rivers Unified School District website at:
We will reach out to you once we have received and reviewed the application. Please enroll with an email address that you check regularly, to ensure you do not miss any communications from us.
We must receive confirmation of enrollment from your student’s new school. If you need records to enroll your student in the new school, please submit a transcript request form to along with a copy of your photo ID and a list of items you need.
All textbooks and materials must be returned.