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On Thursday 9/15/2011 Filmdistrict invited me to see an advance screening of their film “Drive.”

     The movie wasn’t so great. I would not recommend this movie to anyone I know. It was a simple movie, almost a silent film, like the ones back in the day that were in black and white. The main character wasn’t a shockingly good driver and he did not speak much. He was a flat character that seemed to change during the movie.

     The main character didn’t have much of a character. If he did, it wasn’t noticeable because he is boring and not talkative. The part where he changes doesn’t make sense either. He is a quiet man who is independent and doesn’t want problems. However, towards the end of the movie, he physically abuses a girl that wouldn’t give him answers and kills people that are after him. He spends most of the movie staring off-screen, while the audience is waiting for something to happen. In our theater, the audience began laughing at the character during these pauses. Overall, Drive isn’t a great movie, so don’t waste your $10 on it. ;)

Review by Daisy.