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Symbaloo- CSLA 2015

Symbaloo CSLA 2015 Web Address:


This site will provide you with resources to help to build webmixes and use Symbaloo. Editing Symbaloo works best in  Internet Explorer.

WHERE_DO_I_LOGIN? Card IconWHERE DO I LOGIN? for the Free education version for the Free or Premium version


1. If you are in your account on and you want to share your webmix with a friend who has an account on, what do you need to do to share your webmix?
Answer- Copy the share link & change the edu. to www.

2. Someone has just signed up for Symbaloo and cannot edit anything in their account. What can be done to verify their account?
Answer- Click link in verification email or Send an email HERE
3. If your webmix has a lock on it, what do you need to do to edit the webmix?
Answer- Click the Share button & Stop Updates